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Friendly Whovian Chit-Chat
Welcome to friendly_who, the community that caters to both old school fans and new Who fans. We like to meet, greet and be very very silly with each other, but if you have some awesome news about the show then we demand links, videos and anything else that you can legally come up with. Silly gifs are also welcome, as long as they are work and child safe.

We don't have rules so much as guidelines. Here they are:

1: Differences of opinion are natural and normal. Bashing a member for not loving your favourite Doctor/Companion/episode is not acceptable. Please, just don't do it.

2: No mods will ever take sides or join in with attacking other members. We will, however, come to the aid of anybody who feels that they are being trolled or bullied. Just PM one of us with the nature of your issue and we shall get back to you.

3: For the sake of every member we shall be vetting anybody who requests to join us. Known troublemakers will be denied membership and preemptively banned for the sake of everybody else, who only want to have a good time. We do not tolerate bullying or bad attitudes.

4: Flashing icons and videos may not be used; please consider those members with epilepsy, migraine issues or other neurological disorders. If you are asked by a mod or any member to change your icon for those reasons, please be respectful of that member's needs and respond accordingly.

5: Be Excellent To Each Other! A little kindness goes a long, long way!


We are affiliated with geek_girls_anon and theoldbluebox. Please stop by these communities and visit. You don't actually need to be a girl; one of the mods there is actually a Sontaran.